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The HHD Company is the leading innovator and design to manufacturer of precision tilt sensors and its applications. Electrolytic Tilt Sensor products are outcome of rich knowledge from material to manufacturing process. We have strong engineering background in magnetic sensor and distance measurement tool. With over 10 years efforts and persistance on electrolytic tilt sensor R/D investment, we developed strong engineering capabilities on wide product lines of high precision Tilt Sensor. We could provide customer overall solutions from component to total applications; also our Special Algorithms and circuit design could meet different field application needs with interface WIFI/BT/LORA/NBIO...
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Based on our self-developed electrolyte inclination sensor, in addition to all the advantages of traditional electrolyte sensor, its biggest feature is the ultra-high cost performance, which makes it impossible to use inclination sensor in the field of electrolyte inclination sensor because of the cost.Based on the above technology and cost-effective advantages, our company invites all the personnel who need to be applied to the field of inclination sensor to cooperate to develop and expand the application market.... SEE MORE >


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Established in August 2008, the company has applied for
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